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Mercedes-Benz Performance Upgrades

As a Mercedes-Benz owner, you value top performance for your favorite Mercedes-Benz model. Whether you want to add current features to a vintage model or you want to drive the highest performing Mercedes-Benz on the road, you can use aftermarket Mercedez-Benz performance upgrades to make your car the one you really want.

Available Mercedes-Benz Performance Upgrades

There are many available Mercedes-Benz performance upgrades available if you work with an expert automotive shop that knows what they’re doing.  

Here are just some of the more common Mercedes-Benz Performance Upgrades EuroStar can do:  

  • Anti-roll bars – keeps you more level on the road
  • Catalyst-back exhaust – a larger one gives you better fuel efficiency at higher speeds
  • Cold air intake – blast your engine with the coldest air possible to increase engine power
  • Engine cooling mods – keep your engine in top shape with engine cooling modifications
  • Engine ECU kit – add innovative technology and performance with an added ECU
  • Exhaust pipes – improve fuel economy, power, and torque with performance exhaust pipes
  • Fuel injectors – kick-start your horsepower and torque with fuel injectors designed for optimum performance
  • High-performance shocks and coil-over springs – stay safer on bumpy roads at higher driving speeds
  • High-temperature brake pads – slow you down faster and last longer
  • Performance seats – get the right support customized to your needs and body type
  • Performance wheels and tires – improve holding and precision by reducing your side wall height
  • Reusable air filters – keep your engine clean and stop wasting money on filters with a reusable air filter
  • V8 engine – enhance the overall performance of your Mercedes-Benz with higher performance engines

EuroStar Tampa routinely performs these upgrades and many others. If there’s a Mercedes-Benz performance upgrade you want that’s not on the list, odds are good that we can still help. ConContact Ustact us with your special requests and for custom quotes. Choose EuroStar Tampa for Your Mercedes-Benz Performance Upgrades  

You don’t want just anyone to upgrade the performance of your Mercedes-Benz. You need an expert with experience working with top performing luxury cars to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz performance upgrades are done right.  

EuroStar Tampa specializes in upgrading, maintaining, and repairing high performance luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, and Ferrari. We’re the experts you can rely on to take good care of your luxury ride and answer every question. Call us directly at 813-260-2777.